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Top 5 things to do in Oxford

Posted March 11, 2017 by admin

This small city is located in the central of England. With architecture being the main attraction, Oxford caters many tourists and visitors. The weather, fresh air and open fields give oxford a magical ambiance. Moreover, when you are in oxford you also get a chance to visit small towns located nearby it. Cheap taxis Wheatley can be hired for travelling in and around oxford.

Oxford is famous for its buildings and ancient history and that is why there are many such interesting places to visit. People from around the world come to this place because of its weather and buildings.

  1. Footprints Tours Oxford

The free tour makes it a ‘must go’ for everyone planning to visit oxford. The tour involves sightseeing and visits of different places like the oxford university.

During all this, the tour guides tell you different stories and history of the places you get to visit. The main charm of this tour is its guides who make the boring history fun for all.

  1. Visit Wheatley

Wheatley is a small parish located just 5 miles, outside oxford. The town is a true representation of British culture and traditions. Even though it is a small town, yet a taxi in Wheatley is easily available from anywhere.

The best thing about this town is that there are many small entertainment spots for locals and tourists, like the golf court, lake side parks and much more.

  1. Sheldonian Theater

This theater is one of the most popular and beautiful architecture of the city. Many plays, operas, concerts and lectures have been held in this astonishing building. The inside of this theater is as beautiful as the outside. This historical building was contrasted during 1664-1669.

The building has projecting eight-sided dome at the center; this is reachable through a stairway taking towards the dome above the main roof. Its large windows make the city view able from inside as well.

  1. Oxford Covered Market

This is an open explore market, where you can eat and shop all at one place. There are many food outlets and souvenir shops which are very much affordable. It is a beautiful, antique and varied market place, where everything is easily available and accessible.

The main highlight of the market is the fresh products and flowers, which are not only healthy but also create a refreshing aroma in the market. As it is located at the center of the city and many entrances, this makes it accessible from everywhere.

  1. Oxford River Cruises

This is a romantic cruise arrange by different tour guides and takes you down all the way to Port Meadow. This mostly goes outside oxford, giving you the view of lush green fields. You can either patch up with a group or go on your own private tour.

The Wheatley taxis drives can advise you which cruise takers are best and can also take you to their dealing point. This can be a magical river sailing for a couple. If you are alone it is much more helpful for peace and enlightenment.

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